Travelling Landy's

We are, Gary and Lynette Landy a.k.a. The Travelling Landy's.

We are, Gary (aged 65) and Lynette (aged 55). We met in February 2003 & have a wonderful life.  We both have fabulous families and have a love of travel.  We have travelled extensively  & intend to continue doing so. 

Gary retired from the Victoria Police Force in July 2008, as a Detective Superintendent and after 8 months of retirement & at Lynette's urging took a position as the Tipstave to the Chief Judge of the Victorian County Court.  He occupied this position for 3 years or so then decided that a position closer to home was preferable, rather than travel into the CBD each day, at Frankston City Council as a Local Laws Team Leader for the following 3 years.  A motorcycle accident in June 2013, on the way to visit Lynette in hospital, has meant that Gary is now fully retired. This is despite being advised by his surgeons & other treating practitioners that he was fully fit to return to his pre-injury duties.  Frankston Council managed to source an opinion to the contrary & this has meant the Gary is no longer working for them.

Lynette worked for almost 20 years in the insurance industry, in Melbourne & Perth, before deciding that a change of focus was needed.  The following years were spent out of the workforce, & part of that time was as a Court appointed Foster carer.  This meant at all times of the day or night children aged between 2 & 12 would arrive on the doorstep, often, only with the clothing they were wearing.  These children would remain with Lynette until a more permanent arrangement could be made for them, anything from 2 days to 2 years.  Following this an 8-year career in the Real Estate industry  - a Property Manager for the first 5 years & an office manager for the following 3 years.  Her career in Real Estate was conducted almost in its entirety on the Mornington Peninsula, where we lived, at the time, on 10-Acre property but in a very small, outdated home. Another change of direction for Lynette recently, was when she decided to enrol online to do a Diploma of Interior Design.  This has always been an interest & to now become qualified, which will occur shortly, is a dream come too.

As a result of Lynette's Diploma in Interior Design & Gary's retirement we have established a Company - Dynamic Home Transformations.  The focus of this Company will be predominantly home styling for properties about to placed on the market For Sale.  Lynette is happy to offer interior design advice over & above the styling.  Gary’s main role in our new Company is one of marketing, for which he is well qualified – hopefully this will keep him busy.

Our move to Sandhurst in December 2007 coincided with Lynette ceasing full time employment.  The Interior Design course continues to mean constant changes to our home.  Gary feels that if he stayed still for more than a few minutes, he would get moved to another location or stored for a later time!

Our family consists of 4 adult children (Gary’s) & 4 granddaughters.  The children, all adults now – Matthew (41) & married to the sensational Laura; Christopher (39) & partnered with the amazing Anne; Michael (37) & married to the marvellous Angela, who are the parents to the four most gorgeous granddaughters – Tylah (9); 6y.o. Twins, Saraya & Yasmin; & Zahra, aged 3.  These girls are the absolute light of our life.  We find they give us purpose in life and add a dimension to our lives that we never thought existed – unconditional love & adoration by these 4 girls. A daughter, Jessica (26) who is still finding her way in life but is categorically loved nonetheless, is another major part of our family.

Apart from our family & our love of travel the other focus of our lives, Gary's in particular, is the 2008 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic Motorcycle that Lynette surprised him with for his 60th birthday.  We’ve spent many hours riding around the countryside enjoying the freedom that only a motorcycle brings.

The move from our 10-acre property on the Mornington Peninsula in 2007 to our current home was done to enable us to travel more easily.  We have full security at our home in Sandhurst, enabling us to just pack up, lock the doors and turn on the alarm system & Go!  Our home is large - a 5 bedroom, 3 living area dwelling.

Our love of travel has taken us to some fabulous places and enabled us to meet some of the most wonderful people on the planet.  Some of the places we have visited, in no particular order, are:  South Pacific Islands; New Zealand – South Island; Kuwait; Thailand; Zurich; Stockholm; Tallinn – Estonia; St. Petersburg – Russia; Helsinki; Amsterdam; England – South of London mainly; Ireland – South; Paris; Rome/Venice/Pisa & Florence in Italy; Monte Carlo – Monaco; South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup; Prague; Germany – mainly Bavaria for a white Christmas in 2010; New Orleans & Miami to visit some very good friends we made whilst on a previous holiday. We have also recently arrived home from a small ship cruise that departed Istanbul & sailed around the coast of Turkey, some of the Greek Islands, Cyprus & traversed the Suez Canal allowing us to visit Cairo & Luxor with the tour ending in Aqaba, Jordan for our flight home from Amman.

Whilst we have travelled widely, there are still so very many places we wish to visit.  When travelling we love to do both short holidays & really enjoy the longer stays which we are able to do via a home exchange program.