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Sacred Valley - Day 3

Posted by Gary & Lynette Landy on November 9, 2012 at 5:15 PM

I was sure that after yesterday I would be disappointed in our visit to the town of Pisac today. Why I should ever have thought that I do not know. Whilst we didn't have the heart rendering visit to a school, the visit to the Inca ruins at Pisac was amazing. The ruins at Pisac are supposedly larger than Machu Picchu and are certainly higher. About 800 metres higher!

The ways in which the Incas developed methods for agriculture way back in the 15th century was amazing. As Peru has many Earthquakes & tremors which results in landslides especially during the wet season, the Incas have constructed hundreds of terraces throughout the valley. On these terraces they grew all manner of produce. An additional feature of these terraces were that they created a "micro climate" which meant that potatoes could be grown on the same set of terraces as tropical fruit etc.

The true Inca was classed as the elite in society...the ones with the intelligence. The rest of the population were known as Setchuwans. The Incas were easily recognised by their conical shaped heads. How the cone shape was achieved, was at the age of 12 to 18 months a baby had a band placed around its head to alter the shape. Trial & error meant that the band must be placed well prior to the age of 2 otherwise death resulted!

At the Pisac Inca site a cemetery had been discovered with mummified remains of over 1000 bodies, of that only about 50 were Incas. The burial grounds were simply holes or caves in which the remains were placed. After all internal organs were removed, the arm & legs ligaments were cut to enable the bodies to be placed in a foetal position before being wrapped in fabric many times. The Incas believed that the foetal position would lead them into the next life. Around each of the mummies was placed a jar of water, food, sandals (or moccasins if they were the royalty) & clothing. This was to assist with the long journey to the next life.

After visiting the ruins we then headed into the town of Pisac & it's markets. The colourful clothing, scarves, tablecloths & wall hangings were simply stunning. Whilst at the markets where we were taken to a silversmiths shop to view how the silver jewellery was made. I decided to assist the local economy by purchasing a pair of silver earrings & a silver ring, both have Lapis settings. We were told that it is acceptable to bargain with vendors but how can you when things are so cheap anyway & Peru is classed as a Third World country? I couldn't do it! I received a small discount for cash but even that made me feel a little comfortable. We are such a fortunate country in Australia to bargain over what would end up equating to A$5 just didn't seem right.

We proceeded to a lovely restaurant for a massive lunch before being bused back to heaven (our hotel) before a 6pm briefing on our train ride to Machu Picchu early tomorrow morning. We will receive a 5am wake-up call with the bus departing for the train station at 6am. We are lucky be to spending tomorrow night at Machu Picchu, where I doubt I will have Internet availability, so no update tomorrow.

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